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Sheet Metal for Residential

Crickets and Valleys
PCH Sheet Metal has the knowledge to help you protect your home from harmful water entry by using the correct crickets and valleys. We offer several systems with a wide selection of materials and colors to choose from including kynar. Metal roofing is superior to any other roofing material as it provides fire resistance, is low maintenance, energy efficient, and long lasting.

We can fabricate and install numerous sheet metal accessories to complete your roofing projects in a wide array of materials and finishes. These accessories include gutters, fascia, coping, and flashing. Each of these accessories can provide a new and distinctive look to your home and protect from water entry.

PCH Sheet Metal is the perfect resource for your custom residential coping needs. We offer a wide array of materials and finishes to choose from.


Specialty Sheet Metal Applications
In addition to standard roofing projects we offer specialty roofing applications. These include gazebos, turrets, and other decorative elements.

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